The Lost Girl

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"Mitti se jude log" hai ye....

"Mitti se jude log" hai ye, they know no discrimination and are pure-hearted, noble souls. Love is in their blood and brotherhood is their religion. Villages of Haryana have a rich cultural heritage, which is well depicted in the movie The LOST Girl.
Producer & Director Aditiya Ranoliya's movie 'The Lost Girl’ is creating a 'ripple effect' in pulling audiences towards having the feel of our cultural heritage of brotherhood, love and kindness . Fostering and promoting a Gender unbiased approach, celebrating achievements of girls, promoting girl education, and nurturing local talents, are the strengths of the movie and will move you with a heart full of generosity and kindness. Pristine villages and their people wholeheartedly poured their support and love into "The Lost Girl" Lead actor Suhani-Prachi Bansal's performance was excellent. Actors Bhupesh Singh and Poonam Jangra immersed in parents' role fabulously. Raman Nassa as Anokhi is appealing and convincing.