The Next Revolution in Education

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Revolution in education in India is only going to spread from school to school until India will not only achieve its literacy targets.

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, the Union cabinet approved the new Education Policy called the National Education Policy – 2020 (NEP 2020). This policy is aimed at moving away from the Macaulean system of education which was followed since independence. Although the old system has its positives, the time has come to make big changes in how our children learn at school.

Times have changed and with that, the NEP – 2020 apart from the regular curriculum will be focussing on learning new skills, art with a renewed emphasis on innovation and research since school level. Internships for students will be introduced so as to make children learn on the job skills.

The biggest change with the NEP-2020 is going to approach education through experiential learning and critical thinking and points to curriculum restructuring in this regard. It also attempts to break the compartmentalization of knowledge by encouraging interdisciplinary studies and doing away with hard separation among arts, humanities and sciences at the school level. Similarly, the hard separation between curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular is also to be done away with.

DGV Sr. Sec. Public School, Rohtak is one such school that is ready with an implementation plan for the NEP-2020. With the vision and guidance of its Director, Late Mr. D.K. Sharma, the school has reached new heights and is poised to take on new challenges. Dr. Savita Sharma, the Principal has walked on the path laid down by Late Mr. D.K. Sharma with great success.

The NEP-2020 is only going to add to the quality of education imparted at DGV Sr. Sec. Public School. The implementation right now will be in stages and the school is well equipped with all the facilities and top-quality faculty, who have been teaching at the school for a long time is already trained for NEP 2020.

This revolution in education in India is only going to spread from school to school until India will not only achieve its literacy targets but will be on its way to achieving a target of students with quality education.

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