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Neither Nature nor technology is gender-biased but man-made biases are violating the laws of equality and we are becoming a victim of it.

When we talk about equality then it is obvious either it was lacking there or being dribbled. In fact, why does such a situation come when we should be reminded of equality? Why it is not a part of our routine? 

Our constitution also says no discrimination should be there on the basis of colour cast, creed, disability and gender.

Neither Nature nor technology is gender-biased but man-made biases are violating the laws of equality and we are becoming a victim of it. 

In such the cases the Supreme Court of India recently passed interim order to allow women to appear in the admission exam to National Defence Academy(NDA), it is scheduled for 5th September 2021. 

A division bench comprising  Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Hrishikesh Roy passed the interim order in a writ petition filed by Kush Kalra asking permission for women candidates to appear for the NDA exam.

Earlier the eligible female candidates having a requisite degree of 12th level of education were denied the opportunity to take the NDA and Naval Academy Examination on the ground of their gender,  whereas equally qualified male candidates with similar qualifications  12th  can appear for the Exam and after qualifying can join the National Defence Academy to be commissioned as Permanent Commissioned Officers.

While our constitution gives equal rights to all genders and such discrimination or violation of the Fundamental Right to Equality of Opportunity in Matters of Public Employment and the Fundamental Right to Protection from any type of discrimination in respect of education, employment or office under the State, is not accepted at all. Today this decision is a step towards preserving the rights of equality.

Women on all fronts are fighting for their existence while she is the reason for the existence of men even too. There are some inferences and reasons which needed to be addressed for the implementation of the regulation of all laws of equality . The issue of women empowerment is always being raised from all platforms but the following  inferences may guide us all in this regard:

Women must be:

1) Constructing their own symmetry -

Life gives opportunities to make our own balance between our priorities, what to opt or leave, is up to us.

2) Living your Dreams-

Living our dreams or leaving our dreams depends upon yourself.

3) Knowing Dualism -

Everything has two sides, good or bad, right or wrong. understanding it and taking the right decisions on these bases also.

4) Knowing Pluralism -

Life has many options but moves for the betterment of you and your family or society.

5) Making Power of Choice-

Keeping the balance between self and the pace of life is important. Your choice and time for making choices matter for taking the right decisions. So exercise your power well. 

6) Setting Priorities -

Real needs or created needs, spot the real and created needs can be put on the back burner.

7) Challenges -

Challenge your challenges which become obstacles between you and your goal.No qualms for not accepting challenges should haunt you in future.

8) Equipping yourself with  Education:

It is the key to the road towards your dreams and success. It enhances your work efficiency. You can be late in achieving but be steady to fulfil your requisites for it.

9) Accepting Disappointments -

Do not be disappointed with failures, try, try and try hard to complete attain your goal, you may finish with achieving closer to it. Disappointment must be a pause, not a full stop.

10 ) Chiseling your Skills-

Equip yourselves with any skill to earn and learn the art of life. Chisel it with time and practice. It remains with you forever.

The last thing, no one is perfect, we are humans and it is normal to be imperfect or facing failures or commit mistakes, but keep trying, accept them and be spirited to move further.

   Dr.Pragya Kaushik,  Media Educator

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