Shershah: Ye Dil Mange More...

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In 1999 When whole country was peacefully busy in routine these soldiers were fighting dauntlessly for the country.

Dr. Pragya KaushikMedia Educator

Ye dil mange more...not pepsi not cola but commitment towards our country ,love for its freedom and unity. Director Karan Johar's movie 'Shershah ' infuses more courage , love and sense of pride for the country and for all martyrs.

Memoir of dauntless martyr, Paramveer Chakra awardee, Captain Vikram Batra, is energizing  and exemplary. Actor Sidharth Malhotra portrayed it ingeniously with equal zeal and zest. One can imagine his beloved Dimple, through Kiara Advani who lived the character of Dimple exquisitely.

In 1999 When whole country was peacefully busy in routine these soldiers were fighting dauntlessly for the country. Courageous , brave and fearless Captain Vikram Batra with his team kept winning over the enemies and left every one astonished to know the factual descriptions of his bravery .

‌A son of teacher  parents can also  become Army person , can be born anywhere ,such commitment and love for his country made him different .Actor Sidharth Malhotra slipped into the character naturally and earns laudable words.

Knowing  real life of martyr  of Kargil war through his reel life story, is enthralling and keeps you on your toes all the time to see the fortitude of all valiant. Some snippets right from his childhood to his college life ,his passion, obsession and commitment  towards his love for the country and army, are evocative, touching.

In supporting role Naib Subedar Bansi, Actor Anil Charanzeet steals the hearts.Their cohesiveness, co-ordination and trust on each others ,will inspire youngsters.The pace of the movie is gripping and acting and actions are adhering.

Everyone who is related to such real life heroes have memories to share and movie is not enough to express each one's shared memories .His parents siblings, friends ,colleagues and officers ,all have treasures to share to inspire more....hope to see some more from their perspective in the sequel of it.

Ye dil mange more....Youth of today can infer more from these taglines , to which hero of fortitude made more meaningful and consequential.

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